Where imagination and history meet ~

Joe and Jannelle

As a full time artisan I have the sheer joy of getting up each morning and working in my studio to create wearable art accessories in the form of purses, fur trimmed capelets, cloaklets and collars along with fanciful headpieces. I have many more ideas then I have time to create them, so I look forward to bringing new items to my festival building each season. When my kids were in high school I returned to college with every intention of becoming a teacher in Art Education and Skills for Living. But after I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Eastern Michigan University I open my own studio and joined a very talented group of gypsies know as renaissance festival artisans! It is a lot of work to create, promote and manufacture ones own designs for festivals and my website and it’s an adventure I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Purse Pocket

So follow your dreams and BELIEVE in the magic of your creative soul.


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